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Bare Feetjob

December 7th, 2013

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Suzanne Kelly riding Cock and Exposing Feet

December 6th, 2013

Poor American tourist Suzanne finds herself in a bit of a pickle: she’s tied up and at the tender mercies of German interrogator Evan SStone. In his quest for answers, Evan isn’t against good old-fashioned torture to find the microchips he’s looking for. He starts by sticking his Dodel between her feet and much to their surprise she starts enjoying it! If she wants her freedom, though, she’s going to have to work harder for it! The Geneva Convention is surely violated when Evan starts stabbing her sweet pussy over and over with his lengthy Schwanz; the technique seems to be particularly effective, as he gets a lot out of her in terms of squirting. He then turns the Fraulein upside-down in order to give her the complete length of his Pimmel! Evan finally ends the interrogation by spritzing all over Suzanne’s gorgeous size 7.5 feet. Apparently, her papers were in order after all!

London Keyes with Sexy Black Toenails

December 5th, 2013

London Keyes, a young Asian cutie with size 7.5 feet, says she likes rough sex. Really rough! She’s made boyfriends bleed from biting them so hard. Given this, I thought it would be hot to see her and Mikey wrestle for dominance. Will Mikey be forced to lick her sweaty feet? And eat her pussy? And if he does a good job at both, will he be forced to fuck her till she cums all over his big cock? One thing’s for sure, this sordid tale ends with her wrinkly soles overflowing with his sperm.

Hannah West Feetjob

December 4th, 2013

Hannah West is having computer issues so she calls in Evan Stone from the “Jerk Squad.” She drives him crazy as she hands him tool after tool with her lovely size 8 feet. He goes from geek to stud in no time as he licks and sucks her feet before fucking her missionary with her feet in his mouth, then spoon and doggy. Oops, he spills his seed on her feet. No worries, she’ll lick them clean! Go Jerk Squad!

Nasty femdom model Gabriella is horny

August 1st, 2013

Gabriella has a cool tattoo on her tits and that is what makes this dude even hornier as she is using her hands to play with his boner, but that is not all since he will have to do something in return in order to make her horny. He had no idea that this Latina hot tanned honey is into foot worship and that he will have to use his wet tongue to make her horny. The easiest way for him to do that is by some toe sucking. Oh man, she loves that and there is no doubt that it is going to make her cunt very wet, and you know what that means. Sensual Gabriella might even take her sexy clothes off but it is not that likely that it is going to happen. She just wants to have some fun, make him horny and play with his dick, but if he thinks that he is going to have sex with her, he is sooo wrong since that is not what bdsm mistresses love to do with their slaves that often. Maybe someday, but until then he can play with her feet.

Vanessa Lee loves foot worship games

July 31st, 2013

When a dude is ready to put his long wet tongue to use, that is what makes delicious femdom princess Vanessa Lee super horny, and she is more than willing to show him her nasty pink vagina. All she needs to do is spread her legs wide and start teasing him. That is what she is going to do in this gallery on a hot summer day while her tunnel of love is getting totally wet and ready for some fisting. Foot fetish are her favorite words and as long as this dude is licking her toes, she is more than happy. In the end, if he manages to make her cum real hard, she is going to let him eat her meat hole as well, but it is not that likely to happen since many guys have tried to please her, and that is not an easy task to do. Hot femdom mistress Vanessa Lee is always ready to play these bdsm games and there is nothing to stop her in her intention to have fun, to enter the world of orgasms as soon as possible and humiliate her slaves with pleasure.

Toe sucking in the pool

July 30th, 2013

Scissor relatives are always ready to do whatever to make each other super horny and that is the case with delicious babes Lucy and Lizzy. Oh, you are going to love watching these pics, there is no doubt about it ? even if you are not into foot worship. The way they are using their wet long hurricane tongues is just amazing and there is nothing that is going to stop them in their intention to have fun and make each other super horny. One of the girls is using her soft lips to play with other babe?s feet, while she is enjoying in the pool and waiting for her turn to show her licking skills! Lucy is one of the most popular femdom babes on the internet and the fact that she loves to do anything in order to make her girl horny is making her even more interesting to watch as she is performing in front of the camera. Foot worship is what these good looking lesbian girls love more than anything and that is more than obvious. All you need to do is take a look at these pics and see them in action.

Layla Lopez’s Foot Job Addiction

July 20th, 2013

Majority of our foot job clips are of foot job addicted perverts luckily landing themselves in cock stroking situations. In this particular video, the foot job addict is the enticing Layla Lopez. Her current sub toy is quite grateful. She orders him to lie down, climbing on top of him. Seeing her sexy long legs in her tight silky smooth pantyhose has us hooked already. She orders her slave to take off her high heels and take a big whiff, inhaling the wonderful scent of her hardworking feet. She pulls down his pants, not surprised to see this guy is hard as a rock. She massages his boner with her temptuous toes, tickling his balls, making his cock throb and flinch. This foot job addict beauty wants her feet drenched in cum, ripping her nylons to glide them up and down his dick. A wad of spit definitely helps her endeavors, driving her sub boy crazy enough to get what she wants. He’s made quite a mess, worthy of another session when fully re-cooperated. He better get ready quick. Layla has a big appetite for cock between her suckable feet.

Foot Job Therapy with Ashton Pierce

July 20th, 2013

Doctor Ashton Pierce, the leading psychologist curing sexual perversions, has built a prosperous practice, attracting patients will all sorts of problems. She believes the hands-on approach is best. Of course, you’ve come to see a Foot Job Addict clip, so feet-on approach. Ashton’s new patient was sent by his girlfriend because he has a problem with feet. Don’t worry, we’re thinking the exact same thing you are. What guy in their right mind would ever dislike feet? We’re hoping the sexy and curvy Doctor Pierce can help this guy. She makes him lie down on her sofa, slowly slipping off her dress. If the sight of this buxom woman in tight silky pantyhose doesn’t make you explode all over yourself, watching her work definitely will. She taunts him with her delicate feet, dropping them on his face, shoving them in his mouth, tugging on his stiff cock. She tears apart her nylons, exposing her naked feet, arousing her patient even more. Her methods sure do work fast. There’s still time for a foot job, which Ashton is experienced in giving, making him shoot all over her feet. You have to watch what she does with her cum smeared soles.